Adult Cognitive Assessments

A cognitive and intellectual test is a comprehensive individual program that involves gathering information on an individual’s performance on a standardised intelligence test. The goal of a cognitive and intellectual assessment is to obtain an accurate profile of the individual’s intellectual functioning, thinking and reasoning skills, and cognitive strengths and challenges to assist in developing learning strategies and recommendations, and providing an IQ.

An assessment and subsequent reporting may be useful for understanding:

  • The impact of an acquired brain injury or stroke; 

  • Specific cognitive strengths and weaknesses; 

  • What an individual's intelligence quotient (IQ) is; 

  • A specific learning disorder

The WAIS-IV is a test for adults (over 16 years of age) designed to measure intelligence and general intellectual functioning, including processing speed and working memory. At the conclusion of the assessment, a written report detailing the results and recommendations will be provided. Reports can be provided for medico-legal reasons; Centrelink; TAC; WorkCover; or NDIS assessments. 


Teacher Helping Student